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BRiT''S Journal

15 July
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My name is Brittnye Leigh! but its hardly ever when someone calls me that. My friends call me all sorts of suff such as Brit, Britty, Brittnye-Lo0u<3 and im sure there is a ton more ;o)

I was born and live in Clarksville,Tn. Its a town where everyone knows everyone, well basically. Its not a small town but it is defiently where all the drama goes down. We dont have much to do here but we make the best of it, and ive learned to love the place

(school) ha, school gotta love it! Im a sophomore at Northeast High. *GO EAGLES!* Umm, once again it is just a place ya hafta learn to love ;o) There is some awesome people that make it fun, but then there are a few that have no life and try to cause shit but most of us ignore them.

(hobbies) *DANCING* is my life. Im always at dance whether its at the high school on the dance team [WiNGS-yeeeah, leslie lol] or at Clarksville Dance Force where i used to compete with the best girls ever. They are amazing! I miss yall<3 I also teach and assist there. When im not dancing im with my friends. We have had so many crazy nights and laughs..tons of laughs.

what would i do without them?! I have the best friends anyone could ask for. Im so thankful for them. My girls are the best between the laughs,boys,tears, and crazy nights (which we have a lot of) we always are there for each other and im so blessed to have them in my life ;o) *i esp love Kayla W, Amber,Samantha,and Sara-yall are awesome!!

My family is huge and we are all so different that we fit together perfectly. My parents are truely the best. I have a little brother Jacob who gets on my nerves but i love him anyways

(love life)
well, im working on it ;o) Im defiently intrested but who knows how it will work out!

well i suppose that somes it up, add me and i will add ya back!!

*let them praise his name with dancing* pslams 149:3